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Transfer a Payment to a Different Order

If a payment is mistakenly applied on an incorrect order, you can move it to the correct order. To move a payment from one order to another. You will follow the steps below:

  1.  Browse to the Invoice for the Original Order
  2. Click on the Payment Amount on the invoice
  3. On the Payment Details screen, scroll down to the Payment Applied to the Following Orders and click on the Delete button (red X) at the bottom right hand corner and hit OK when prompted.
  4. When the screen reloads, you will see that this payment has an unused amount and you can scroll down to see all UNPAID orders for the client under the Outstanding Dues for this Client section.
  5. Optional: Select the Original Order and Apply the amount you would like to keep on this order. (e.g $125 for a trip fee). If this is not needed, you may skip this step. The fee may be entered to the text box to the right of the order.
  6. Select the NEW Order by checking off the check-box and make sure the amount applied is correct
  7. Click on Apply Payment at the bottom of you screen to apply the payment to the new order.

This will move the payment from the old order to the new order and the new invoice will be marked as PAID.


NOTE: The payments can only be transferred to UNPAID order for the same client.

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