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Order Management - Send Report(s) to Borrower

If the Borrower’s email address is entered on the order, the system can securely deliver reports for completed orders to the borrower in a compliant manner. To send the report(s) to the borrower, follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to your ValueLink Appraisal Management System account
  2. Search for the Appraisal Order for which you want to email the appraisal report
  3. Open the Manage Appraisal screen by clicking on the Order Number (e.g. R15-00000)
  4. Click on the Actions button on the top right of your screen to reveal options
  5. Select the Send Report to Borrower option
  6. Add a message with the report (Optional)
  7. Click on the Send Report button to send the email
  8. The borrower will be sent a secure link via email where they will be allowed to download the report

Note: The acceptance of electronic delivery and the download of the report are time-stamped and logged into the audit trail of the order. A certificate of delivery mentioning the time of delivery and time of download of the report is automatically generated by the system and saved in the documents section of the order.

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