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Order Management - Search For An Appraisal

To search for an appraisal, follow the steps below:

        1.  Log on to your ValueLink Appraisal Management System account.

        2.  Click Search Appraisals on the Home Page.

        3.  Filter your results by selecting any of filter criteria available on the top of your screen.

The Keyword field allows you to search by the loan number, appraisal number, borrower name, property address, county name, branch, vendor file number or the tracking number

        4.  Click Apply Filter to search the system. Results are returned in a grid format.

        5.  Orders marked with a red boundary are orders for which a revision has been requested.

        6.  Click the Appraisal Number (e.g. R15-00000) to view details for the appraisal.

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