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How To Enable Automatic Numbering Scheme For Orders

ValueLink allows both automatic and custom numbering schemes for appraisal orders. To set the numbering scheme for your appraisal orders, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log on to your ValueLink Appraisal Management System account.
  2. Click on Admin at the top of the Dashboard to access Company Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Order Level Settings, and check the box next to Enable Automatic Numbering to allow the system to automatically generate an order number for each appraisal.
  4. For Monthly Automatic Numbering, check the box next to Enable Monthly Numbering Scheme. This will use the new numbering scheme in the form of YYMM-XXXXX, where XXXXX is the numbering sequence, resetting every month.
  5. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of your screen to confirm the changes.
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