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How To Assign An Order To a Single Appraiser

To Assign an Appraisal to a single appraiser, follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to your ValueLink Appraisal Management System account.
  2. Search for the Appraisal Order that you want to assign to the appraiser.
  3. Click on the Order Number (e.g. R13-00000) to open the Manage Appraisal screen.
  4. Click on Actions to display the menu, and then on Assign To Appraiser.
  5. In the Assign By feature, select whether you want to search for appraisers based on distance from subject property or by the appraiser's name.
  6. If Distance is chosen:
    a. Select an appraiser from the list towards the bottom of the screen.
    b. Click on Select at the bottom of the screen. There are different pre-defined filters that can help you select the appraiser. The filters available are:
    . Approved Appraisers For Clients
    . Appraisers within 25 miles of the subject property zip code
    . Appraisers within 50 miles of the subject property zip code
    . Appraisers within 100 miles of the subject property zip code
    . Appraisers with Coverage in subject property zip code
  7. Alternatively, if Name is chosen:
    a. Enter name in the search box and select the appraiser from the search results.
  8. Fill out the Appraiser's Fee section. (If fee tables exist for this appraiser, the fee may be automatically populated).
  9. Click on Assign Appraisal to assign it to the appraiser.

Note: The appraiser is automatically notified by email when an order is assigned. The appraiser must log on and accept or reject the order before they may begin work.

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